May 17, 2022

Queensland mum returns numerous missed calls to find she’s $25m richer

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A Queensland mum started her morning screaming, shaking and crying after discovering she won $25 million in last night’s Oz jackpot.

The Rockhampton mum in her 40s held one of the two division one winning entries in the $50 million draw.

The Lott attempted to call the lucky winner last night, but numerous calls to her phone about the windfall went unanswered.

The Queensland mum could not believe her ears when she heard that she won $25 million. (Supplied)

She returned the missed calls this morning and could not believe her ears.

“Oh my god, oh my god, I’m shaking,” she said.

“We’ve won the lottery, we’ve won $25 million,” she yelled to her family.

“I want to cry. My family have just come rushing from their bedrooms.

“I’m in my pyjamas. We haven’t even had breakfast yet.”

The woman said she saw she had some missed calls, but her phone was on silent as she gets scam texts.

“I even joked to my husband that it might be The Lott calling me,” she said.

“But that was a joke. Trust me, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d win $25 million.”

The winning numbers in Oz draw 1458 on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 were 17, 31, 22, 11, 26, 36 and 4. The supplementary numbers were 16 and 6.

The woman said she only grabbed her winning entry at the last minute yesterday after realising there was a $50 million jackpot up for grabs.

“This will just change our lives,” she said.

“I’ve already cuddled my family three times while talking to you.

“We haven’t been having much fun in recent times. Now, we’re going to have a nice life.”

The first thing the lucky winner plans to do is buy a new car for her husband.

“He drives around an ancient old car,” she said.

“I’m going to get myself a new house.

“I can only think of practical things at the moment. It just doesn’t feel real.

“I think this has completely derailed my day. I’ll be looking at this ticket all day.”

Lotterywest will get in contact with the Western Australian winner or winners, who won the other $25 million half of the $50 million jackpot.

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